People & Contributors

  • Frank Reichert - University of Agder;
  • Per-Arne Andersen- University of Agder
  • Sondre Moldskred Netteland - Student, University of Agder
  • Albert Sudmann - Student, University of Agder
  • Apostolos Spanos - University of Agder
  • Alexandra Lazareva- University of Agder
  • Haakon Sundbø - University of Agder

Artificial Intelligence Contributions

  • Tools generating human-like text based on prompts:
    • Openai ChatGPT [1} - our main tool
    • Microsoft Bing [3]
    • HeyGPT [4] - interacting with pdf documents and chatGPT
    • Google Bard [5]
  • Tools, creating visual content based on textual prompts:
    • MidJourney [2]
    • Bing [3]

ChatGPT, Bard and Bing were employed in the creation of course pages, where they performed several key functions. It began by generating an initial draft based on specific prompts. Then refining and rephrasing the text for clarity and tone. They also assisted in structuring the content and answering queries.

Finally, they contributed to the creation of references in APA7/IEEE style, demonstrating their versatility in adhering to specific formatting guidelines.

MidJourney generated most of the illustrations in this course, with a few exceptions created by Bing.