TELLS is a joint effort by Makerere University, Uganda, University of Rwanda, Rwanda, Jimma University, Ethiopia, and the University of Agder, Norway. Our Bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D. programs reach out to over 100.000 students. The project continues our successful NORHED I cooperation.

TELLS is funded by NORAD, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, through the NORHED II program 2021-2026.


A Joint Effort for Future Education


Important topics on the TELLS education and research agenda are life-long learning, new certificate structures, digital inclusion, embracing diversity, gender equality, 21st-century “soft-skills”, enhanced capacity by using artificial intelligence, new pedagogical models, virtual student and staff exchange, and policies for the digital age.

TELLS will offer high-quality education to a much wider part of society using courses and learning objects that are owned by all partners. TELLS enhances existing master programs for teachers, and creates programs for life-long learning for teaching professionals.

TELLS will co-create open Ph.D. courses for future digital education to lay the foundation for new Ph.D. programs. Generally, the work in TELLS is based on an open and inclusive approach that is characterized by a culture of co-creation. We are committed to research-based education as the basis for the renewal of our study programs. Embracing diversity, gender equality, and digital
inclusion are critical success factors.

TELLS will create a program for life skills with special focus on female students and teachers, to prevent their withdrawal from studies and social exclusion. Each TELLS partner appointed one male and one female expert to lead our investigations. All experts are responsible for at least
one task across the work program. Tasks for the dissemination of results and for liaison with national and international activities shall ensure that the project acts as a knowledge hub for future education and that our results contribute to advancing the state-of-the-art.